Accordium Flow is the core of our product. It helps you get sales contracts signed faster. 

  1. Start by clicking on Create Flow
  2. Define a name for this Flow, e.g. "2017-11-29_ACME Service Agreement_V1" 
  3. Upload a your contract as PDF (we are working on accepting more formats, read more here)

4. In the flow, first define what your role in the process will be. This can either be signing, approving, or simply receiving the document.

5. Next, define what your next recipient's role will be. In our case, we will have to get approval by the CEO first, before sending it to our customer.

6. Define the order of the process by clicking on "Add to Flow". In our case, we want the CEO to receive and approve the contract straight away, since we will perform our signature immediately after the end of this process. We do that by clicking on the right box. If we had placed him in the grey box at the bottom, the CEO would only receive the document AFTER we performed our signature. 

7. Next up, we need to add our customer's details, who shall receive the document after our CEO has approved the contract. We do that by clicking on "+ Add more" and repeating step 5) . In the Flow, we will add him the blue box at the bottom of the screen, as we want him to receive it at the end of the process. 

8. Finally, review your process (or add more recipients) and click "Prepare".

9. Now it is time to prepare your document. That means placing the signatures of the different parties, as well as any additional information you might want to capture in the signing process (like CVR numbers, names, birth dates, etc.). We do that by clicking the blue boxes on the left ("Place Signatures" or "Place Custom Fields") and then drawing boxes on the document where they should be placed. 

10. The last Step 🎉: Write a message to your recippients, which will be in the email they are about to receive (e.g. remind them what the agreement was about and what the key terms are), and click send.

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