Is the email address correct?

You can double-check this by checking the email in the Flow. Go to your dashboard, and click on the document that you wish to check. The resulting flow window shows all recipients and their email addresses. 

Have I tried resending the notification?

The signer may have accidentally deleted the original email notification from their inbox or it somehow got lost in the mix. A quick resend can be accomplished by selecting the document from your dashboard and clicking the Incomplete Action button -> Then click Resend Invitation. This will resend notifications to all recipients in the current order who have not yet signed the envelope.

Is this the first time I’ve sent a document to this particular email address?

One of the most common causes of this issue is email blocking. Generally if it's the first time this recipient has ever been sent a Accordium email it is possible that the notifcations are getting filtered into the recipient's spam folder, or they are being blocked by his/her ISP or firewall.

Everyone’s email server settings, spam control and firewall  settings are set up differently. Unfortunately, there is nothing Accordium or you can do as the sender to resolve this beyond trying an alternate email address.

However, the recipient can take the following actions:

First, they will want to make sure that Accordium emails are not simply landing in their Junk or Spam folder.


If this is not the issue, here are some troubleshooting steps you can forward to your signer. Depending on the situation, they may need assistance from their IT group, or ISP to determine where is being blocked.

Allow emails from:

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